Hair Boss - Thickening & Volume Powder
Hair Boss

Hair Boss - Thickening & Volume Powder

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Hair Boss is a first of it's kind hair product used to instantly thicken hair and cover up any thinning or balding areas. Hair Boss is a powder that is sprayed directly onto the hair and scalp using our unique powder spray bottle.It works by using temporary coloring technology that smartly adapts to your hair color along with volume inducing ingredients. It's main function is adding temporary volume and thickness to the hair while also adding a bit of color that gives the illusion of even more thickness.

HOW TO USE: spray evenly throughout hair from about 2 inches away and brush or comb it through hair thoroughly. leave it in for amazingly thick, manageable hair. feel free to spray it more generously on extra thinning and/or greying parts of your hair.

Hair Boss comes in 2 types. One is for those with hair color in the range of medium brown to black - If your hair falls anywhere in that range choose that option. The other type is for those with dark blonde to light brown - If your hair falls anywhere in that range choose that option. 

INGREDIENTS: Arrowroot, Silica Silylate, Kaolin Clay, Cacao, Maize Starch, Iron Oxide, Activated Charcoal, Tonka Bean, Tumeric

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